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A new adventure

2016 continues to be a year of exciting change and new challenges for me as I leave my job of three years to start a new one in February. It was very emotional to walk away as I loved working with my team and also really enjoyed my job but when you outgrow a role, I’ve always believed you should move on and not stick around growing bored and resentful. It doesn’t help the organisation and more importantly, it isn’t good for you. Continue reading “A new adventure”

Where did all the great gay TV characters go?

Speaking to MPs at a parliamentary event yesterday, Idris Elba addressed the lack of diversity in broadcasting – specifically the lack of ethnic diversity on TV – but he also asked the question, “Are gay people always stereotyped [on TV]?” Pink News, a once reputable online resource which now spends most of its time being offended and outraged, immediately posted a story with the headline “Idris Elba wants more gay characters on TV who aren’t ‘stereotypes’“. Not quite what he said but let’s run with Pink News’ slightly more ‘attention grabbing’ version. Continue reading “Where did all the great gay TV characters go?”

David Bowie: Goodbye to a genius

Waking up this morning to the news that David Bowie had died was a complete and utter shock. Having downloaded his new album just yesterday, Blackstar, which he released only three days ago, the news came as if from another planet and I just could not believe it was true. Despite the bleak subject matter of his new material (nothing new there, to be honest) it seemed as if the reclusive singer was in the throes of promoting his new album and seemed energised by this sudden creative surge late in his career which had also produced the surprise album, The Next Day, in 2013. He seemed to be on top of his game again and with Blackstar and The Next Day came the promise of accelerated creativity and future albums to enjoy.  Continue reading “David Bowie: Goodbye to a genius”

Why I agree with Nigella Lawson’s manifesto on healthy living

It’s not a secret that in our house, Nigella Lawson rules supreme when it comes to cooking and eating. We have all of her cookbooks (see guilty picture below) and she is often our go-to for recipes when we’re in the mood to make something tasty. Husband loves Nigella Express, as he enjoys simple ingredients with no-fuss preparation and a quick turnaround onto the table. I love Nigella Christmas, which is my bible during the festive season. I made her ginger glazed ham for Christmas lunch a couple of weeks ago! Continue reading “Why I agree with Nigella Lawson’s manifesto on healthy living”

Tom Daley and DLB: Is going public with your relationship such a good idea?

In an interview with Out Magazine published yesterday, gay couple Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black gave a surprisingly revealing interview about how they met, their engagement, and their plans for the future. Surprising because up until now they have been extremely private about their relationship, despite regular postings on Instagram featuring the two lovebirds going about their day-to-day lives. Continue reading “Tom Daley and DLB: Is going public with your relationship such a good idea?”

Objective for 2016: to look outside of myself

Writers can be terribly egotistical and often focus too much on themselves. When they do think of others, it’s in relation to their own lives without being overtly aware of the other person’s. They spend far too much time in their heads mulling over their (often trivial) problems and spend even longer writing about these problems in their journals. Frankly, they need pulling out of their cosseted little worlds of self-examination and instead need to examine the world around them.  Continue reading “Objective for 2016: to look outside of myself”

2015: A very busy year

It’s that time when we all start taking stock of the past year and, in my case, wondering what the hell happened. It has been, without doubt, one of the busiest years of my life and not even intentionally so – it just worked out that way. My job has been incredibly demanding and once again I had to do a lot of travel for work (first world problems, I know, I get it). Continue reading “2015: A very busy year”

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to wish all the readers of my blog a Merry Christmas and for those of you who don’t celebrate this festive season, have a happy holiday. The picture in the featured image above was taken yesterday and although it is officially winter, it is so mild in the UK that it almost feels (worryingly) like spring. So I apologise for the lack of Christmasy snow! Thanks for coming back after such a long hiatus and I promise I’ll have lots of interesting updates in the New Year. All the best for 2016, P.H.D

I’m back in the game

I’ve been on a fairly prolonged hiatus – six months to be accurate – with no posts and no updates about what I’ve been up to. I recently decided to remedy this and resurrect my blog after almost deleting my entire online profile in a moment of disillusionment back in May. Continue reading “I’m back in the game”

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