Equal Love LogoThe Equal Love Campaign, spearheaded by renowned gay activist Peter Tatchell, has launched a petition to prompt a change in legislation to allow gay couples to enter into civil marriages and straight couples to enter civil partnerships. Campaigners are hoping to get 15,000 signatures before presenting the petition to Prime Minister David Cameron. Such a change in legislation would mean everyone in society is on an equal footing and more importantly it recognises that gay couples consider civil partnerships to be as serious as a marriage and want the law to reflect this. It would also mean we live in a fairer society than recognises the solemnity and importance of gay unions. A legal case has already been brought before the European Court of Human Rights which gives the British Goverment 12 months to put a consultation in place and respond. The petition, which I urge everyone to sign, will give greater weight to this consultation process and will illustrate public support for the legislation. The campaign has issued a mission statement:

“We call on the government to end the twin bans on same-sex civil marriages and opposite-sex civil partnerships. In a democratic society, everyone should be equal before the law. This means opening up civil marriages and civil partnerships in register offices and other licensed premises to all couples, gay and heterosexual, without discrimination.”

Please sign the petition today and spread the message!

Official Website of Equal Love Campaign
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