Keep the Lights On FilmVery interesting article in the Guardian by Ben Walters explores how gay cinema has changed in the last 30 years, focusing on a new-wave of queer cinema with films like Weekend (2011), Keep the Lights On (2012, and I Want Your Love (2012). All three films possess a new naturalistic style and an interest in the quotidian aspects of gay relationships. It’s a great read and offers an insight into how changing social contexts impact on the content of films:

“There are exceptions to these generalisations, and huge differences between New Queer Cinema’s activist expressionism and the generic populism that succeeded it. But both could be seen in terms of a reality deficit. “You can look at queer film-making in the past 20 years and say we often reverted to using metaphor as a way of telling our stories and avoided the stories themselves,” says Sachs. He has done the opposite: Keep the Lights On is autobiographical, revisiting in often excruciating detail the relationship between Sachs and his former partner, a crack-addicted book editor. Compulsion and codependency, deception and desperation lace the narrative, but there are no heroes or villains and no melodrama.”